About us

Hello everyone and welcome to Food by Lalita! 

I’m Lalita Chouhan, Author behind the blog.

This is my creative space on the internet where I love to share recipe to your.

About Me & My Family 

I was born and brought up in Delhi but I belong to Rajasthan and I have done my high school from Delhi and now I am in third year of college. My father was a supervisor in the construction building and he was very honest person and my mother is housewife. I have two elder brother and sister and they all live in Delhi. I am blessed to have a such a wonderful family, who have supported me in every decision of my life. 

Cooking, photography and writing on this blog is my passion which I do with all my heart.

My Cooking Journey 

Sometimes in life it takes a lifetime to realise your true passion! Thankfully I realised it before it was too late. I was always a good student in school but I loved cooking I wish I could say that I was fond of cooking since childhood.

I was very inspired by my elder sister she was very tasty to cook I learned a lot from them She always used to motivate me and she was not only my sister but my best friend! 

Cooking is an art, the more you make it with love, the more delicious it will be!

About Food By Lalita 

I started this blog in 2021 to keep all my recipes in one place. I got a suggestion to start this blog from a YouTube channel. In which I know how can we share your knowledge through blogging. Since then I have created the website foodbylalita.com and start sharing my recipes through this blog So that I have a record of all my recipes instead of writing them on paper all the time. I thought it was a good idea as it would give me a lot to learn and understand.

I am a self taught cook. Whatever I learned it through trial and error. I have failed many times, but because I was so obsessed with fixing it, I kept trying until I got it right. That’s why I say if I can cook, anyone can.

Food by Lalita is a vegetarian food blog. I am a vegetarian too. Through my recipes, I want to show everyone that cooking vegetarian food is equally delicious and not boring at all! There are countless vegetarian and vegan dishes in India The ones I grew up eating and I share all those and more on this blog.

Keep In Touch

If you would like to connect or ask a question.

You can reach me at lalitachouhanchouhan356@gmail.com

And you can also subscribe to my blog.

Thank you for supporting me in this journey! 


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